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How to #1 - Brand name

The brand name usually sets the direction of development and becomes the center of the visual and communication strategy. The quote "as you name a ship, so it will float" works in 99% of cases. There is only one chance to give a name to the project and declare itself, in all other cases it will be a different project.

We at Change Agency are very sensitive to the process of creating names for clients, laying down the main meanings and values ​​around which you can build a brand infrastructure, develop and grow. Today we are talking about the procedural part and the main approaches to naming. 

The key goal of naming is to communicate the existence of a brand in the market. The name should be clear and elicit an emotional response, ideally a positive one.

Naming is based on:
  • defining the essence and goals of the brand,
  • market analysis, research of already existing names of competing companies,
  • on the main idea,
  • on legal expertise;

The quality is determined by how well the name is remembered, what associations it evokes, and how it differs from competitors.

Examples of effective brand name mechanics

1. Consonance - repetition of the same consonant sounds.
The consonance contributes to the rapid memorization of the name. It makes no sense to reveal examples, here the main role is played by pleasant letters.

2. Neologisms are new words that were not previously recorded in dictionaries.

Kodak is a brand name for photographic products that did not exist before 1888. George Eastman was guided by 3 principles: short, always pronounced correctly, and associated with only one brand.

Adidas - apart from the fact that this is a new word, from linguistic techniques the abbreviation Adi Das is used as an abbreviation of the name and surname of the founder of Adolf Dassler.

Xerox - the company coined the term “xerograpy” in Greek - to refer to the new copying system, and introduced a whole new word into the speech of all people.
If you want a brand to stand out in the marketplace, have the courage to work with unusual ideas and experiment. Do not bury yourself in all the available dictionaries in the world. It is important to be original, but no one canceled common sense.

3. Metaphorization is a hidden comparison.

Khaite - (Keith) the brand got its name from the Greek word χαίτη, meaning "long, flowing hair." Each item of the brand offers a balance of opposites - structure and ductility, strength and softness, masculine and feminine.

The north face - the name is based on the symbol of cold - the northern face of the Half-Dome Mountain in California, which is considered the iciest and most formidable to climb. 

Nike is in Greek mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory. The logo comes from the wing of the goddess - "swoosh" - symbolizes the sound of speed, movement, power.

Here the main task is the story - it is also the center of attraction of the audience's attention. Such names create a background, intrigue, awaken the imagination, evoke emotions, and draw people into the world of the brand.

4. Toponyms - names of geographical objects

The connection of a brand with a natural image is often used in naming, because it causes a direct (or indirect, but interesting) association with a geographic object that embodies a certain quality, meets the standard of strength, speed, safety, etc.

Patagonia - comes from the name of a mountainous region in South America. Just as The North Face celebrates the Half-Dome Monolith, Patagonia's name speaks to harsh environmental conditions and creates comfortable travel apparel.

Fiji - bottled water comes from Fiji. Branding is built around a unique island in the Pacific Ocean, where the oldest artesian source of popular water is located.

Amazon - The company took its name from the largest river in the world. The first version of the corporation's naming was "Cadavra" - through a connection with the magical, but on the phone, it sounded very similar to "cadaver", and Jeff Bezos approved Amazon.

5. Anthroponyms - proper names

In addition to uniqueness, such a name creates a favorable context associated with the personality of the creator, personal responsibility, and an impeccable reputation - the best guarantee of quality, subject to strategically correct positioning, promotion, and work with reputation marketing.

6. Alphanumeric code

22 | 11 - the creator of the cosmetics brand Tigran Gelettsyan chose the date of his birth as the name.

19-69 - the year that symbolizes the era of freedom, tolerance, and counterculture, became the main inspiration for Joan Bergelin, the creator of the Nineteen sixty-nine agender perfume brand.

Microsoft 365 - software runs 365 days a year.

It is important to lay in naming, encrypt promising meanings and values ​​around which you can build the entire infrastructure in the future: communication, visual, and marketing strategies.

There are many online resources for quickly creating a new name, but even a perfectly composed, at first glance, the name will not save you from a lack of meaning and value. In order to create a truly unique brand name, it is worth using all channels of creativity: from linguistic schemes to semantic and philosophical ones.

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